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Welcome to Phra Ram Travel. Watch the short video for a personal introduction.

Above:  Manali at dawn.  Air so clean it’s intoxicating.

All our tours are custom created and personally guided or escorted by one of our staff. We will arrange logistics and make sure things happen.   You will have plenty of time on your own to explore and enjoy.  Where translation is necessary, we will arrange for that.   All of our guests will receive personal attention and courtesy.

“We understand, because we have experienced it ourselves.”

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Paul  USA mobile  917-239-3151

Van  Thailand  mobile 086-3835385

Contact us about plans, your personal travel availability.   We like to set up tours during a full moon period because of the wonderful light and magic it provides.

The following are examples of things we can do.  We have not set up any specific tours yet, but that is easily done if a group of people can arrive at the same time.    However, one of us can individually help you get around selected areas of Thailand or India if you come to visit


Relocation seminar and tour...( 1 week and 2 week versions ) learn about Thailand with Van, Marti, and Paul


Bangkok book fair

Mussoorie –  1 week the foothills of the great Himalayas.   arrive Delhi, next day take a short flight to Dehra Dun.  From there we take a hired van or cars, and proceed to Mussoorie.    In springtime, Mussoorie is very pretty, with rhododendrons in bloom, and cool fresh air flowing through the pines.   See the details on the Mussoorie tour page.   We will thoroughly enjoy the area, plenty of time to take strolls through the bazaar, to the top of the hill, or out to Seocoli.

Kullu Manali, end in Bangkok for 3 days  - 2 weeks

Delhi / Agra Mussoorie, end in Bangkok for 3 days     2 weeks

Delhi / Agra / Shimla ( Naini Tal )  end in Bangkok for 3 days    2 weeks

Kullu Valley  w / Delhi… fantastic summer  3 weeks, mostly in cool mountains.   Outdoor adventure, white water, hiking, great food.

 USA, Hudson Valley and New York City   2 weeks.    You will love the beauty of the region north of NY City, and be amazed by the “big apple” itself .

Mussoorie, Rishikesh, Hardwar   2 weeks   go along Tehri road

Thailand relocation seminar with Van  ( 1 week )   Bangkok, Chiang Mai.

October    – Kullu Dusshera   2 weeks, end in Bangkok 3 days


Bangkok  3 days

Bangkok 7 days

Thailand WOW ! –  immerse yourself in Thailand  ( 2 weeks )  4 days beach, 5 days Chiang Mai,  5 days Bangkok.


Relocate to Thailandinformation seminar, tour, cultural immersion  –  if you considering moving to Thailand, this is a fantastic way to start the process.    4 weeks !

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