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Salyut-7 2017 720p SUBBED BluRay x264-EZIS

1 win & 6 nominations. See more awards »

Plot: The year is 1985. The unmanned Soviet space station Salyut 7, which is in low Earth orbit, suddenly stops responding to commands from the Control Center. If the space station – the pride of Soviet space engineering – falls from the sky, not only will it damage the image of the country, it will also be a disaster bringing untold casualties. To investigate the failure and prevent the catastrophe, people must be sent to the station. Yet no one in history has ever attempted to dock an uncontrolled vehicle in space. To this day, this mission is considered to be the most technically challenging in the history of space exploration.

Genre: Action | Drama | History
IMDB Rating: 7.2/10 From 1,474 Users
Directed by: Klim Shipenko
Starring: Lyubov Aksyonova, Ilya Andryukov, Pavel Derevyanko

Release Name: Salyut-7.2017.720p.SUBBED.BluRay.x264-EZIS
Size: 3.07 GiB
Video: MKV | 1280 X 570 | 3 965 kb/s
Audio: Russian | DTS | 1509 kbps
Runtime: 1:50:42.469
Subtitles: English SUBBED
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The Battleship Island 2017 720p BluRay x264-EZIS

“Gun-ham-do” (original title) — 5 wins & 2 nominations. See more awards »

Plot: During the Japanese colonial era, roughly 400 Korean people, who were forced onto Battleship Island (“Hashima Island”) to mine for coal, attempt to a dramatic escape.

Genre: Action | Drama | History | Thriller | War
IMDB Rating: 7.1/10 from 1,899 users
Directed by: Seung-wan Ryoo
Starring: Jung-min Hwang, Ji-seob So, Joong-Ki Song

Release Name: The.Battleship.Island.2017.720p.BluRay.x264-EZIS
Size: 4.35 GiB
Video: MKV | 1280×536 | 3 111 kb/s
Audio: Korean | DTS | 1 509 kb/s
Runtime: 2:12:11
Subtitles: English [Selectable]
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Mom 2017 LIMITED 720p BluRay x264-Chakra

1 win & 1 nomination. See more awards »

Plot: Devaki is a biology teacher in the same school as her step daughter Arya. Arya doesn’t get well with Devki as she looks her only as a stepmother. Mohit a student of the same school sends a lewd video to Arya on her phone following which Devaki throws his phone outside the classroom and asks him to call his parents. At a Valentine days party Mohit decides to revenge and brutally rapes Arya along with his cousin Charles,Watchman Baburam an drug peddler Jagan. The rapist are left free due to their powerful contact. Devaki doesn’t stop here she decides to revenge her daughter’s rapist’s according the information provided to her by detective D.K Kapoor. CBI officer Matthew Francis investigating Arya’s has Devaki as her main suspect during the revenge killings.

Genre: Drama | Thriller
IMDB Rating: 7.3/10 from 3,667 users
Directed by: Ravi Udyawar
Starring: Sridevi, Akshaye Khanna, Adnan Siddiqui

Release Name: Mom.2017.LIMITED.720p.BluRay.x264-Chakra
Size: 5.5 GB
Video: MKV | 1280×536 | 4701 kbps
Audio: Hindi | AC3 | 640 kbps
Runtime: 2:26:24
Subtitles: English [HERE]
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Goodbye Christopher Robin 2017 LIMITED 720p BluRay x264-DRONES

2 wins & 1 nomination. See more awards »

Plot: A rare glimpse into the relationship between beloved children’s author A. A. Milne (Domhnall Gleeson) and his son Christopher Robin, whose toys inspired the magical world of Winnie the Pooh. Along with his mother Daphne (Margot Robbie), and his nanny Olive, Christopher Robin and his family are swept up in the international success of the books; the enchanting tales bringing hope and comfort to England after the First World War. But with the eyes of the world on Christopher Robin, what will the cost be to the family?

Genre: Biography | Family | History
IMDB Rating: 7.2/10 from 2,859 users
Directed by: Simon Curtis
Starring: Domhnall Gleeson, Margot Robbie, Kelly Macdonald

Release Name: Goodbye.Christopher.Robin.2017.LIMITED.720p.BluRay.x264-DRONES
Size: 5.46 GB
Video: MKV | 1280×688 | 5800 Kbps
Audio: English | DTS | 1509 Kbps
Runtime: 1h 46m 43s
Subtitles: English [Selectable]
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Professor Marston And The Wonder Women 2017 720p BluRay x264-DRONES

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Plot: Details the unconventional life of Dr. William Marston, the Harvard psychologist and inventor who helped invent the modern lie detector test and created Wonder Woman in 1941. Marston was in a polyamorous relationship with his wife Elizabeth, a psychologist and inventor in her own right, and Olive Byrne, a former student who became an academic. This relationship was key to the creation of Wonder Woman, as Elizabeth and Olive’s feminist ideals were ingrained in the character from her creation. Marston died of skin cancer in 1947, but Elizabeth and Olive remained a couple and raised their and Marston’s children together. The film is said to focus on how Marston dealt with the controversy surrounding Wonder Woman’s creation.

Genre: Biography | Drama
IMDB Rating: 7.2/10 from 2,047 users
Directed by: Angela Robinson
Starring: Luke Evans, Rebecca Hall, Bella Heathcote

Release Name: Professor.Marston.And.The.Wonder.Women.2017.720p.BluRay.x264-DRONES
Size: 4.37 GB
Video: MKV | 1280×536 | 4260 Kbps
Audio: English | DTS | 1509 Kbps
Runtime: 1h 48min
Subtitles: N/A
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Chasing Great 2016 720p BluRay x264-WaLMaRT

Plot: All Black captain Richie McCaw has lived his dream with characteristic precision and calculated determination. He’s 34 and perhaps the best rugby player ever. But the dream is almost over. He is old by professional sport standards and everyone is asking when he’s going to retire. Before his career ends Richie McCaw sets his sights on a risk-all attempt to win the Rugby World Cup back to back. No team has won it a second time in a row. No captain has won it twice. He will either end his career on an impossibly high note or take a nation’s dreams down with him. Chasing Great follows Richie McCaw through his final season as he attempts to captain the All Blacks to the first ever-back-to back World Cup win. Until now Richie McCaw’s achievements have been well documented, but little is known about the man himself. He has never courted the media and remains intensely private. Chasing Great takes the audience inside his world for the first time and what emerges is a very personal insight …

Genre: Documentary | Biography | Drama | Sport
IMDB Rating: 7.4/10 from 229 users
Directed by: Justin Pemberton, Michelle Walshe
Starring: Stuart Barnes, Tom Benge, Aston Bentham

Release Name: Chasing.Great.2016.720p.BluRay.x264-WaLMaRT
Size: 5.46 GB
Video: MKV | 1280×536 | 5934 Kbps
Audio: English | DTS | 1509 Kbps
Runtime: 1:45:05
Subtitles: N/A
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Last Days in the Desert 2015 720p BluRay x264-WaLMaRT

1 nomination. See more awards »

Plot: Ewan McGregor is Jesus – and the Devil – in an imagined chapter from his forty days of fasting and praying in the desert. On his way out of the wilderness, Jesus struggles with the Devil over the fate of a family in crisis, setting for himself a dramatic test.

Genre: Adventure | Drama | History
IMDB Rating: 5.6/10 from 2,575 users
Directed by: Rodrigo García
Starring: Ewan McGregor, Ciarán Hinds, Tye Sheridan

Release Name:
Size: 4.37 GB
Video: MKV | 1280×536 | 5837 kb/s
Audio: English | AC3 | 448 Kbps
Runtime: 1:39:33
Subtitles: N/A
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The Pirates of Somalia 2017 BluRay 720p x264 DTS-HDC

Plot: In 2008, rookie journalist Jay Bahadur forms a half-baked plan to embed himself among the pirates of Somalia. He ultimately succeeds in providing the first close-up look into who these men are, how they live, and the forces that drive them.

Genre: Biography | Drama
IMDB Rating: 6.9/10 from 1,901 Users
Directed by: Bryan Buckley
Starring: Al Pacino, Evan Peters, Melanie Griffith

Release Name: The.Pirates.of.Somalia.2017.BluRay.720p.x264.DTS-HDC
Size: 4.37 GB
Video: MKV | 1280×720 | 3702 kb/s
Audio: English | DTS | 1509 kb/s
Runtime: 118 min
Subtitles: N/A
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Thank You For Your Service 2017 720p BluRay x264-GECKOS

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Plot: DreamWorks Pictures’ Thank You for Your Service follows a group of U.S. soldiers returning from Iraq who struggle to integrate back into family and civilian life, while living with the memory of a war that threatens to destroy them long after they’ve left the battlefield. Starring an ensemble cast led by Miles Teller, Haley Bennett, Joe Cole, Amy Schumer, Beulah Koale, Scott Haze, Keisha Castle-Hughes, Brad Beyer, Omar J. Dorsey and Jayson Warner Smith, the drama is based on the bestselling book by Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and author David Finkel. Jason Hall, who wrote the screenplay of American Sniper, makes his directorial debut with Thank You for Your Service and also serves as its screenwriter. Jon Kilik (The Hunger Games series, Babel) produces the film, while Ann Ruark (Biutiful) and Jane Evans (Sin City) executive produces.

Genre: Biography | Drama | War
IMDB Rating: 6.6/10 from 1,989 users
Directed by: Jason Hall
Starring: Haley Bennett, Miles Teller, Joe Cole

Release Name: Thank.You.For.Your.Service.2017.720p.BluRay.x264-GECKOS
Size: 4.36 GB
Video: MKV | 1280×536 | 4231Kbps
Audio: English | DTS | 1509Kbps
Runtime: 1h 49mn
Subtitles: English [HERE]
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Bullet Head 2017 720p BluRay x264-PSYCHD

Plot: Three career criminals find themselves trapped in a warehouse with the law closing in and an even worse threat waiting inside.

Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller
IMDB Rating: 5.2/10 from 1,241 Users
Directed by: Paul Solet
Starring: Adrien Brody, Rory Culkin, Antonio Banderas

Release Name: Bullet.Head.2017.720p.BluRay.x264-PSYCHD
Size: 4.36 GB
Video: MKV | 1280×536 | 5125 kb/s
Audio: English | DTS | 1509 Kbps
Runtime: 01:34:17
Subtitles: English [HERE]
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